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The Discovery of a Luminous Broad Absorption Line Quasar at a Redshift of 7.02

  • Authors: Feige Wang, Jinyi Yang, Xiaohui Fan, Minghao Yue, Xue-Bing Wu, Jan-Torge Schindler, Fuyan Bian, Jiang-Tao Li, Emanuele P. Farina, Eduardo Bañados, Frederick B. Davies, Roberto Decarli, Richard Green, Linhua Jiang, Joseph F. Hennawi, Yun-Hsin Huang, Chiara Mazzuccheli, Ian D. McGreer, Bram Venemans, Fabian Walter, and Yuri Beletsky

2018 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 869 L9.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 4.

Normalized spectrum of J0038–1527. The x-axis of the top panel is the outflow velocity of Si IV, and the x-axis of the bottom panel shows the outflow velocity relative to C IV. The blue, orange, and magenta shaded regions denote three absorption systems at 0.14c (A), 0.10c (B), and 0.08c (C), respectively. The velocity range of each trough was determined by the C IV trough. The absence of absorption in the gray shaded region in the bottom panel and strong absorption on top of Lyα and N V (blue shaded region in the top panel) suggests that the trough A is indeed an extremely high velocity C IV BAL.

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