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Enormous Li Enhancement Preceding Red Giant Phases in Low-mass Stars in the Milky Way Halo

  • Authors: Haining Li, Wako Aoki, Tadafumi Matsuno, Yerra Bharat Kumar, Jianrong Shi, Takuma Suda, and Gang Zhao

2018 The Astrophysical Journal Letters 852 L31.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

Spectra of the Li 6103.6 Å and 6707.8 Å lines of J0741+2132 (dots). Synthetic spectra with NLTE assumption for ﹩A(\mathrm{Li})=4.55\pm 0.2﹩ dex are shown for the 6103.6 Å line. An LTE spectrum also well reproduces the line profile by assuming ﹩A(\mathrm{Li})=4.59﹩ (dashed-dotted line). By contrast, no LTE spectrum can explain the deep absorption profile of the 6707.8 Å line. The NLTE spectrum for ﹩A(\mathrm{Li})=4.5﹩ reproduces the profile, though it is not as sensitive to the assumed abundance as the 6103.6 Å line.

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