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Critical Mach Numbers for Magnetohydrodynamic Shocks with Accelerated Particles and Waves

  • Authors: J. Martin Laming

J. Martin Laming 2022 The Astrophysical Journal 940 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Left: schematic diagram of wave propagation at the oblique shock, in the shock rest frame. Upstream (left), plasma moves toward the shock front with velocity v 1, carrying with it magnetic field B 1 at angle θ 1 to v 1 (or the shock normal). Post-shock, the magnetic field is B 2 at angle θ 2 to the shock normal, and the flow velocity is v 2. In the preshock medium, waves are assumed to be parallel propagating along B 1. Post-shock, the magnetosonic waves refract and travel at an angle θ 2W to the shock normal. Alfvén waves refract at a slightly different angle, but this plays no role in their reflection and transmission coefficients. Right: contour plot of the first critical fast Mach number in the plasma βθ 1 plane for ﹩{E}_{\mathrm{CR}}/{\rho }_{1}{v}_{1| | }^{2}=0﹩ (see Figure 4(c) in Edmiston & Kennel 1984).

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