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Characteristics of Electron Pitch-angle Distribution in the Flapping Magnetotail

  • Authors: R. J. He, Z. Wang, H. S. Fu, J. B. Cao, Y. Y. Liu, Z. Z. Guo

R. J. He et al 2022 The Astrophysical Journal 940 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Overview of a current sheet traversal event detected by MMS1 at the magnetotail on 2018 August 27, 11:38:04–11:38:42 UT. The top two horizontal panels show MMS spacecraft locations in (a) xz plane and (b) xy plane in geocentric solar magnetospheric (GSM) coordinates. MMS1-MMS4 are shown in black, red, green, and blue, respectively. Magnetic field, ion velocity, and current density data are presented in the local magnetic normal (LMN) coordinates. The following vertical panels show: (c) L, M, N-components, and magnitude of magnetic field, (d) L, M, and N-components of ion velocity, (e) ion density, (f) ion temperature, (g) L, M, and N-components of current density, (h) plasma beta (β; ratio of thermal pressure to magnetic pressure), (i) electron spectrum, (j) ion spectrum. The dashed lines and light blue shaded area mark the duration of the spacecraft in the current sheet.

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