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Assessing Spectroscopic Binary Multiplicity Properties Using Robo-AO Imaging

  • Authors: Stefan Laos, Keivan G. Stassun, and Robert D. Mathieu

2020 The Astrophysical Journal 902 107.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 4.

Gaia recorded astrometric noise for our Robo-AO SBs as a function of inner binary separation. Systems that (do not) pass our Gaia astrometric criterion (GOF_AL > 15 and D > 3) are shown in blue (orange). Filled (open) dots correspond to cases where our Robo-AO imaging (did not) identified a candidate companion within 3.5″. The dotted line denotes the minimum astrometric noise observed for systems that pass our astrometric criterion. The dashed line separates our tighter (left) and wider (right) Robo-AO SBs.

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