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Are H0 and σ8 Tensions Generic to Present Cosmological Data?

  • Authors: Archita Bhattacharyya, Ujjaini Alam, Kanhaiya Lal Pandey, Subinoy Das, and Supratik Pal

2019 The Astrophysical Journal 876 143.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 1.

Likelihoods in ﹩{{\rm{\Omega }}}_{0{\rm{m}}},{H}_{0},{\sigma }_{8},{w}_{0},{w}_{a},{w}_{\mathrm{DM},\mathrm{eff}}﹩ for cosmological reconstruction using Planck (black lines), Planck+R16 (red lines), Planck+BAO (blue lines), Planck+JLA (green lines), and Planck+BSH (magenta lines) for phantom (non)interacting models under consideration.

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