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The 19F(α, p)22Ne Reaction at Energies of Astrophysical Relevance by Means of the Trojan Horse Method and Its Implications in AGB Stars

  • Authors: G. D'Agata, R. G. Pizzone, M. La Cognata, I. Indelicato, C. Spitaleri, S. Palmerini, O. Trippella, D. Vescovi, S. Blagus, S. Cherubini, P. Figuera, L. Grassi, G. L. Guardo, M. Gulino, S. Hayakawa, R. Kshetri, L. Lamia, M. Lattuada, T. Mijatovic`, M. Milin, Đ. Miljanic`, L. Prepolec, G. G. Rapisarda, S. Romano, M. L. Sergi, N. Skukan, N. Soic`, V. Tokic`, A. Tumino, and M. Uroic`

2018 The Astrophysical Journal 860 61.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 2.

Sketch of the adopted experimental setup. The two ΔE − E telescopes are situated on one side of the beam axis. Three PSDs were placed on the other side with respect to the beam direction.

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