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Feeling the Pull: A Study of Natural Galactic Accelerometers. II. Kinematics and Mass of the Delicate Stellar Stream of the Palomar 5 Globular Cluster

  • Authors: Rodrigo A. Ibata, Geraint F. Lewis, Guillaume Thomas, Nicolas F. Martin, and Scott Chapman

2017 The Astrophysical Journal 842 120.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 8.

Distance and sky distribution of RR Lyrae candidate stars. We show here all objects from the H16 PanSTARRS analysis with plausible RR Lyrae-like probabilities (﹩{P}_{\mathrm{RRLyrae}}\gt 0.1﹩) that lie within ﹩\lt 0\buildrel{\circ}\over{.} 3﹩ from the fitted stream path. In both panels, the color and size of the points encodes the probability ﹩{P}_{\mathrm{RRLyrae}}﹩. In (a), one can clearly perceive a good correspondence between the most probable RR Lyrae candidates and the relative distance profile measured in Paper I (red line), where the conversion to absolute distance adopts the Palomar 5 distance of ﹩23.5\,\mathrm{kpc}﹩ as fit by Dotter et al. 2011. In (b), we show the spatial distribution of the stars within ﹩5\,\mathrm{kpc}﹩ of the distance fit from Paper I.

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