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Rotation of Late-type Stars in Praesepe with K2

  • Authors: L. M. Rebull, J. R. Stauffer, L. A. Hillenbrand, A. M. Cody, J. Bouvier, D. R. Soderblom, M. Pinsonneault, and L. Hebb

2017 The Astrophysical Journal 839 92.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 10.

Three stars that have unusual shapes in their phased light curves. Columns: LC, periodogram, phased LC. Rows, in order: 212011416/2MASSJ08330845+2026372 (note x-axis is just one phase, though it looks repeated), 211915940/JS208, 211931651/AD3196 = CP Cnc. These LCs all have structures in them uncharacteristic of most of the rest of the LCs in this study. They are all too slowly rotating to be of the unusual sorts found in the Pleiades or Upper Sco. See the text for additional discussion.

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