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X-Ray Insights into the Nature of Quasars with Redshifted Broad Absorption Lines

  • Authors: Ning-Xiao Zhang, W. N. Brandt, N. S. Ahmed, P. B. Hall, B. Luo, Scott F. Anderson, N. Filiz Ak, P. Petitjean, D. P. Schneider, Yue Shen, and R. Srianand

2017 The Astrophysical Journal 839 101.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 4.

Distribution of ﹩{\rm{\Delta }}{\alpha }_{\mathrm{ox}}﹩ for our RSBAL sample compared with LoBALs (upper panel) and HiBALs (lower panel) from the samples of G09. The two red leftward arrows represent upper limits for J0830+1654 and J1128+0113. The gray leftward arrows show upper limits for BAL quasars from the samples of G09. The vertical dashed line indicates ﹩{\rm{\Delta }}{\alpha }_{\mathrm{ox}}=0﹩. The upper panel shows the LoBAL quasars in our RSBAL sample resemble those of typical LoBAL quasars. In the lower panel, although we only have one HiBAL quasar in our RSBAL sample, its ﹩{\rm{\Delta }}{\alpha }_{\mathrm{ox}}﹩value is consistent with those HiBAL quasars from the samples of G09.

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