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ACCESS: Tentative Detection of H2O in the Ground-based Optical Transmission Spectrum of the Low-density Hot Saturn HATS-5b

  • Authors: Natalie H. Allen, Néstor Espinoza, Andrés Jordán, Mercedes López-Morales, Dániel Apai, Benjamin V. Rackham, James Kirk, David J. Osip, Ian C. Weaver, Chima McGruder, Kevin Ortiz Ceballos, Henrique Reggiani, Rafael Brahm, Florian Rodler, Nikole K. Lewis, Jonathan Fraine

Natalie H. Allen et al 2022 The Astronomical Journal 164 .

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 13.

All of the atmospheric models that we tested against our transmission spectrum. The Flat and Flat + Stellar Contamination models are from Exoretrievals, and all the rest are from petitRADTRANS. Their corresponding ﹩\mathrm{ln}Z﹩ values are given in Table 6.

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