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High-contrast Imaging with Fizeau Interferometry: the Case of Altair

  • Authors: E. Spalding, K. M. Morzinski, P. Hinz, J. Males, M. Meyer, S. P. Quanz, J. Leisenring, and J. Power

2022 The Astronomical Journal 163 62.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 11.

An example of KS statistic interpolations in the λ/BEE regime, for the “S” half-strips (i.e., those pointed most closely to the direction south after derotation). Dots show the grid of tested companion contrasts (0 < Δm < 10) and distances from the host star. The bold curve is at a KS value of 0.2716, which represents the boundary between companions that are from a different parent population, to a confidence of 95% (see Appendix A.3). The gray region is the region where the injected companions are 1 FWHM or less from the edge of the strip. Since the PSF of the fake companion is truncated when it is this close to the edge, the KS statistic will decrease as an edge artifact.

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