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Anisotropy of the Milky Way’s Stellar Halo Using K Giants from LAMOST and Gaia

  • Authors: Sarah A. Bird, Xiang-Xiang Xue, Chao Liu, Juntai Shen, Chris Flynn, and Chengqun Yang

2019 The Astronomical Journal 157 104.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 5.

Anisotropy parameter β as a function of Galactocentric radius rgc for the entire sample of 7664 halo K giants (red dots) and for the sample with Sagittarius flagged and removed (remaining sample of 7182 K giants, black dots), to highlight the effect of this substructure in the sample. The error bars on β are propagated through from the errors in measuring σr, σθ, and σϕ (see Figure 4, upper panel). We see a dip from 25 to 40 kpc of the red-dot β profile, due to the effects of the Sagittarius stream (we select the stream stars in Figure 6). Removing these stars takes a strongly tangential orbital family out from the sample, making β more radial by ∼0.2.

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