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Subarray Processing for Projection-based RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomical Interferometers

  • Authors: Mitchell C. Burnett, Brian D. Jeffs, Richard A. Black, and Karl F. Warnick

2018 The Astronomical Journal 155 146.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 9.

Synthetic imaging simulation comparing subspace projection and SP-SAP. (a) Original image phantom used to generate the observed visibilities (covariance matrices). (b) Image reconstruction with no noise or RFI. Artifacts are due only to the “dirty beam” response of the array sample pattern in the (u, v) plane. (c) Reconstruction in the presence of noise and a strong interferer with INR of 10 dB. (d) Filtered image after applying conventional subspace projection to the entire array. (e) Filtered image after applying SP-SAP to subarrays. Interference is still very prominent in (d) as only faint characteristics of the SOI are visible. SP-SAP better recovers the image in the presence of RFI.

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