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Subarray Processing for Projection-based RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomical Interferometers

  • Authors: Mitchell C. Burnett, Brian D. Jeffs, Richard A. Black, and Karl F. Warnick

2018 The Astronomical Journal 155 146.

  • Provider: AAS Journals

Caption: Figure 5.

Resulting subarrays after being organized based on the phase propagation metric. This metric orients the subarrays perpendicular to the effective propagation vector ﹩{{\boldsymbol{\rho }}}^{i}﹩ − ﹩{{\boldsymbol{\rho }}}^{s}﹩. To form the subarrays shown, the phase threshold was chosen to be high to exaggerate the illustration of the subarrays and their orientation. A small phase threshold will result in more subarrays with less elements per subarray. Conversely, a high threshold results in less subarrays with more elements per subarray.

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